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Hello friends, we decided what better way to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary than to live it up in Paris. Viva amour! Viva la France! Our trip begins with a trip to Lapland in Finland, where we hope to see the Aurora Borealis. We'll be staying in a log cabin, a glass igloo and doing all those Scandanviany things like husky and reindeer sledding. It's going to be COLD -20c at the moment! From Finland we make our way to Stockholm, Sweden, to Copenhagen, Denmark and then to Germany. We'll stop in Lubeck, Luneburg and Hamburg before arriving in Paris for our anniversary. After a week in Paris we'll hire a car and hit the road through France and Italy - no plan, just go where the wind takes us. We finish our trip in Gallipoli, Turkey to celebrate ANZAC day.

Unlike previous trips, where we just wing it, we've actually pre-booked much of this trip. Everything from Finland to Paris has been booked. The Gallipoli tour is also booked.

Update 19 April 2013
Okay, so we're almost finished our trip and I've not written a single thing. Apologies to all those at home who were going to follow our travels. There are three reasons for this:
1. We've been very busy on the road and not had time to write late in the evening;
2. Internet access is sporadic at best. Since new anti terrorism and child pornography laws were introduced in Europe free wifi access is very much restricted everywhere, and;
3. We're travelling with an iPad. I know some people love all things apple but the iPad is extremely unsuitable for any sustained use, such as touch typing. And it's god damned auto correct feature means I'm always constantly having to go back and re-eit everything I write because it keeps changing things. We'll never travel with this thing again.

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